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about us

1. Strengthen Education on Life and Behavior
Enhance virtue-ethical characteristics and self-disciplinary skills in the lives of our students.

2. Schooling without Concerns

In addition to the various scholarships and resources provided by NYMU that alleviate our students’ financial concerns, our core goal is to make NYMU a community that exhibit empathy and provide assistance to peers in need on every aspect of campus life.

3. Create a Home Away From Home

We strive to create a “home away from home” for our International (including Overseas-Chinese and Chinese) students. We strive to see our students to be healthy both physically and mentally, to learn with sincere joy, to graduate successfully, and to return home safely.

Our Service



Coordinate and manage all services regarding to campus life assistance

Absence applications, Emergency assistance, Conduct/merits/demerits, Student living guidance

Tuition waiver, Student/academic loans, Financial aids, Lost and found

Overseas-Chinese & Chinese Students Activities, Scholarships, Resident visas, Insurance, Academic assistance, Enrollment status report